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Do you need some quality week-time? Are you bored with your daily workload? Well, if the answer is yes, it means that you need to take a break. You simply need to escape from your “life” and go somewhere which offers a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. Let’s escape to Bandung! This city offers many tourism attractions. You should coming in and enjoy a lot of Amazing of Indonesia… Love Traveler so much… 🙂


Two of the most popular tourism attractions are White Crater and Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Somehow, you need at least two days to explore the beauty of Bandung. You can travel to Bandung either in group or simply on your own.


What can we see and enjoy at White Crater (Kawah Putih) and Mount Tangkuban Perahu? Basically, you will enjoy the Mother Nature and the relaxing ambience in those tourism attractions. It is highly advisable to rent a car so you can reach the destination much easier. Tangkuban Perahu is actually a dormant volcano which is located 30 kilometers north of the city of Bandung. If you have to days in Bandung, you can simply go to Tangkuban Perahu in the first day and go to White Crater in the second day. While Tangkuban Perahu is located in the north of Bandung, White Crater is located in the south of Bandung.

foto kawah putih 2

White Crater is a striking crater lake. It is a beautiful spot in a volcanic crater about fifty kilometers south of Bandung. » Read more: LET’S TAKE A TRIP TO BANDUNG FOR TWO DAYS

Are Travel Agents Joining Dinosaurs?

Are Travel Agents Joining Dinosaurs?

Remember when music really was music, created on vinyl discs and presented in paper sleeves? We marveled at the advent of tapes, which actually didn’t get scratched, which you could even play in the car! Even then, the record industry, if you can still call it that, moved on with progress. CDs came next, boasting better sound quality, and storing so much on such a small disc. Now it’s MP3s and downloads; your own choice of compilations while you jog, travel on the train, or even on the plane! No wonder records are confined to antique shops. With no flexibility to be transportable, easily damaged, difficult to distribute to meet demand and all the other problems, the record industry had to evolve to flourish, and now there is no going back to the ‘good old days’.

 Likewise telephones and beepers have evolved from the fixed location devices which once were marveled at.

First cordless phones, then cell phones, which gradually shrank to the size of a hotel bar of soap, meant that even communications became instant wherever you happen to be. It is hard to describe to youngsters today that once upon a time, if you were out of the office you were uncontactable. Doctors had beepers which alerted them to head for the nearest public telephone and call for the message; not a terribly effective method for life-threatening situations, but just 20 years or so ago it was the best we had.

 On the other hand, dinosaurs are history. Apparently unable to adapt and evolve they quite literally became extinct. There’s a lesson in this for us all somewhere. Technology, businesses and attitudes all have to progress and develop to meet the needs of today’s frenetic lifestyle.

Now here is the challenge greater and the benefits more rewarding than in the travel industry. While some travel agents are hanging up their hat, no longer seeing clients calling in their office to book next year’s holiday, others are welcoming the 21st century with open arms and using all the technology at their disposal to evolve into an integral part of the travel industry.

 With advances in home computers and software packages, the availability of travel information, destinations and flight availability are more accessible than ever. Travel agents are in the unique position to offer a service to clients, firstly by saving clients time by doing the searching for them, and secondly by seeing ‘the big picture’ by using the Travel Agents’ Reservations System. The cheapest flight may not be the best in terms of flight duration and number of connections. Offering clients the chance to save hours between connections for just a few dollars more is an invaluable service to travelers for whom time is precious. Travel agents can also offer a whole package of services from visa information to arranging transportation to a hotel. In a strange country, these services are invaluable to busy business travelers and those who want to relax and enjoy their vacation without worrying about local language and costs.

 In these economically restricted times, the fittest will survive by seeing the advantages of the economic downturn. Hotels and car hire companies are desperate for business, so travel agents should use their business advantage to press for extra add-ons for their clients; a room upgrade, a free night’s stay or free airport parking. Clients are bound to be impressed with the added value they receive by using a travel agent and will become loyal customers. Finally, using a travel agent backed by an internationally recognized organizations such as IATA or ASTA means that if things do go wrong, the customer is represented by a professional with some clout, who is able to negotiate for recompense or a better deal. For those with a broader view and a ‘half-full glass’ mentality, the potential is there for travel agents to develop with the 21st century, carving out a niche which makes them invaluable rather than extinct.