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5 Tips to Look Beautiful in Bollywood & Bridal Sarees

When we say ‘Bollywood’ what comes to your mind? Undeniably, the blasting loud colors, the extravagance and glamour in harmonious outbursts, glitter, vermilions and everything that pleases the eye. Bollywood as an integral part of young India is as true to its glorious culture and heritage as the nation itself. Bollywood is its own establishment and when the world wants to pursue the west in fashion, cuisine and machine, Bollywood has made its own remarkable identity by enhancing its uniqueness and not just embracing the mad pursuit of Hollywood but fusing them to modern art or simply being an object of imitation rather than imitating!



The sole idea of an Indian beauty is not just in ‘big-eyes’ but also in the adorned attire of elegance. Yes – the Sarees! The history of saree dates back to the Rig Vedic age and is stated to be the oldest form of ‘fashionable’ apparels, so is Paris the true fashion capital of the world? Well, we cannot argue of what is universally acknowledged in this so we will go with the flow. Saree, is still the longest attire in existence and an average women in India wears it every single day. Getting into jeans and shirts surely seem a better option for our lives that’s in the fast lane but when it comes to any festive occasion, a saree is a must wear for any Indian women irrespective of ethnicity, religion or race. Saree is not just another piece of clothing it is a lifestyle in which lies a whole experience.



Here are five tips to look absolutely gorgeous in Bollywood attires, Bollywood Sarees or any Indian ethnic wears because we know how acknowledged the beauty of it is all around the world – Madonna herself promoting the ‘bindis’ and Pussycat Dolls making their turn out in Indian ethnic wears in the red carpet. To brief it up even the western world along with the western stars are getting highly inclined towards exotic oriental lifestyle.





• First Things First – Indian apparels speak elegance, sophistication, colors and decency. Make sure the attire fits perfectly and matches your skin tone. Just because its bollywood doesn’t mean you go too loud with it, wear it comfortably to match your personality. It should flatter your body shape for example fabrics like chiffon and georgette would compliment pear-shaped bodies, silk would suit the overweight’s and net fabrics does justice to voluptuous ones, slim ones look ravishing in cotton and organza.





• Are you a Cinderella enough? Shoes are as important as the wardrobes are. It is the prime-highlight of Indian panache. The height of the heels determine the draping and the bottoms which completes the look altogether. Since bridals and sarees are extravagant get ups, simple yet elegant heels, glittery golden or silver would do justice to it. Don’t forget to have clean, well pedicured and also manicured nails, the difference will be explicit. Do not forget the statement that a woman carries the dress but the shoes carry the women.





• Accessorize – Accessories add a whole new story to a traditional get-up. Accessorizing in a saree depends on the designs it has. A simple saree can go with any number of accessories but if the saree is fancy enough to do its own talking then one must opt for minimum accessories. Jewelry adds grace to the elegance. Specifically select the best matching ones and effortlessly it will look amazing. There are so many jewelry brands in India promoting the look going with sarees, bridals, lehengas etc. Therefore, it is hardly a hair-splitting problem when it comes to accessorizing, however your sense of style will be reflected upon. Accessorizing isn’t just about the gold or diamonds carved in your body. What you ‘carry’ along with how you carry yourself is also a determining factor to your overall look. Elegant bag or clutches does wonders to complete one’s accessory. Nothing casual but plain sophistication is the fashion mantra for sarees and lehengas and especially heavy work Wedding Sarees. provides latest Holzfliege & handgefertigte Holz-Accessoires.




• Make-up Bollywood Style – Make up in India is a prioritized ritual. No way can one avoid it in her bridal day or simply in a saree day. Bollywood’s signature look is bold and beautiful. ”Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is taken in the literal sense here amidst the Indian glamour. Bollywood songs about his beloved will find mention about the ‘kajal’ smeared eyes and it is not just because the look is irresistible but also because it’s almost natural to associate bollywood with beautiful eyes and make up. Black is the basic color to be used in the eyes and blending with colors that matches the outfit is a go-for-it! Glitters and shimmers add another prime-highlight. Using the right shade of foundation and complexion powder to conceal any irregularities is a must. Flawless dusky complexion is a bollywood stereotype. Lips can vary from nude to pink to red, it’s all your call. If you want eyes to be the striking focus you need to go easy on the lips with nude or li
ght pink, the way sisters Kareena Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor did on their wedding day. Aishwarya Rai too kept her make-up simple yet she looked stunning in red saree and red lips. Vidhya Balan wore a traditional south Indian red saree by Sabyasachi and accessorized heavily with gold jewellery and sindoor. Irrespective of any exception no-one can go wrong in Indian attires with beautiful make-up.




• ”The Hair is the Richest Ornament of Women”- Martin Luther couldn’t have been more correct because in India it is still considered so. A nice-long hair with saree is truly a gorgeous fashion statement for Indian women. Long hair is associated with feminity in India. No matter how the feminists take it, long hair is the picturesque beauty of a ‘Desi girl’. The one-side parting can be the best hairstyles with saree; the classic bun has also been timeless hairstyles for formal occasions esp. in the Indian weddings. There are many hairstyles to choose from for the traditional look; even straight hair looks boldly beautiful with silk sarees and magnificent curls with bangs look gorgeous. But it is to be noted that bridal hairstyles are incomplete without bridal or bollywood accessories like beads, jewel hair combs, jewel hair pins, maang tika, brooch, flowers, gajra and strands of pearl comprising hair accessories that adds inspirational elegant look.




So here concludes the five ultimate tips to look amazing in bollywood bridal wears. No one can deny how inspiring and classic you will look if you follow the above mentioned tips to compliment your traditional wear. Celebrities like Vidhya Balan, Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor etc have shown superiority of traditional classics over western short dresses. Get the look and mesmerize the crowd…feel golden in the country that is titled ”Sone ki Chidiya” (the golden bird)! is a famous online marketplace to discover and buy unique Indian products like handmade bags, earrings, designer sarees etc. If you’re also fascinated by the charm and aura of Bollywood and wish to replicate your favorite actresses in typical Bollywood sarees, head to today

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